Board of Directors

McKenzie Dillingham


M.G. Dillingham Residential Construction

Meredith Ellison

Vice CHair

Quility, Co-founder

Dale Freudenberger


Hollis Holdings LLC

Caroline Proctor


Elemental Health LLC

Walker Strickland


COO The Pritchett Company

Mark Collins

Collins & Company

Bill Haggard

Haywood St. Board member

Kayla Lynn Denham

Haywood St. Community Member

Donna Ball

Haywood St. Community Member

Bridget King

Retired Public Health MD

Pamela Hamrick

Haywood St. Companion

Tyrone Greenlee

Christians for a United Community

Paul West

Affordable Housing CA

Jeanette King

Mission Health

Corry Hyde

United Way ABC

Bill Robinson

Haywood St. Community Member

Carrie Pettler

West End Clingman Avenue Neighborhood Association (WECAN)

Eva Hook

Student at GWU, Human Services & Social Justice

Angela Harrell

Small Business Owner / Quickbooks Consultant

Rob Weigle

HSC Board Member